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Thursday, 4 June 2009


R.V.A.B.C welcomes you and your children to the world of Amateur Boxing. Our boxing classes are specialised and designed for children aged 8 up to 16 as we believe this is the best time to learn.

Boxing has a lot to offer

You WILL see your children develop a multitude of skills including: Basics; stance, jab, back-hand, movement and self-defence. They will learn discipline, better behaviour, temper control and techniques to prevent and even stop Bullying.

Physical & Social Development

Our aim is to provide a worthwhile activity to the youth of the Ribble Valley. Bringing them off the streets and into a safe sporting environment.

Boxing classes will be starting very soon at Roefield Leisure Centre, Clitheroe. Due to Health & Safety laws there are a limited number of spaces available.

For more details or to join
call our Head Coach on – 07977 823 771 - OR - 07794441301

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Bullying is a very sensitive topic for most of us, especially those of us with children at school. It is a frightening problem amongst children as it could go on and on without being detected by parents or teachers. Bullying is not only a problem within children, it goes on in the workplace and everyday life....But WHY? !!! What can be done to stop this from happening ?!

As a child I experienced being bullied for 5 long years of my life. That time has had a lot of impact on my life. So much so, that I promised myself that I will stop anyone I see teasing or bullying someone, as I know exactly what it does to the person being bullied. It ruins that part of that individuals life.

When I was in my early High school years the bullying really became intense and unbearable. It was so bad that I couldn't do any work in or out of School simply due to the stress related to the bullying!. I really had to do something about it..... I began to take boxing lessons at a local boxing club. I really wanted to learn how to defend myself rather than fight anyone. The boxing training really made a difference to my whole life. I became relaxed, more target focused, disciplined, and aware of my own strengths and weaknesses. Instead of becoming violent and aggressive, the boxing training made me aware of my capabilities and gave me piece of mind in what I could do. I automatically began to deal with confrontational matters confidently rather than hide away. I was able to carry myself and project myself in front of anyone with a confident attitude. This was simply because I knew inside myself that I was capable of handling a situation if it got out of hand. I knew that I was holding inside me a lot of skill and talent (boxing) and that really made me feel good.) Before I was frightened of even trying to socialise with anyone fearing that it may lead to me being teased or bullied, and in many cases it did. Gradually, as time went on I found myself being able to deal with all types of difficult situations. The same person who couldn't even complete school work due to the pressures of being bullied, has now become a Law Degree graduate and throughout, I have been an amateur boxer as well. I owe this change and accomplishment in my life to the sport of Boxing.

In my opinion, Boxing is one of the best forms of Bullying prevention especially school bullying. (By the way, simply punching a punch bag, really gets rid of all the stress and tension built up inside your body. Believe me just try it once !!!).

My view is this, that all parents who think that their children may be suffering from school bullies, get them involved in the boxing sport. Don't get me wrong!. I'm not saying get them to fight back, but I'm saying that when they actually start to use their physical power in an environment (like a boxing gym), then they will realise what they are actually capable of doing. They will stop being negative and their confidence will definitely grow. IT IS A FACT THAT MOST CHILDREN WHO GET BULLIED, DON'T TAKE PART IN P.E (Physical Education lessons) OR FOOTBALL AT SCHOOL...SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO CONFIDENCE IN THEIR PHYSICAL ABILITIES. BOXING WILL BOOST THEIR SELF CONFIDENCE AND CHANGE ALL THAT!!!

I want to know if anyone agrees with my views. Am I talking sense or not? You have heard my story, tell us yours. Your story may help others....Have you got any other positive ways of how to stop bullying? It would be even more interesting to hear from you if you have regretfully bullied someone in your earlier days.....Do you regret doing it or not??? Please put your views forward in my comments section. I would love to hear from you....Thank you !

Tuesday, 12 May 2009


I have been considering for quite some time now to write about my life long passion which is Boxing. I have always wanted to share what I have learnt from the sport with other people who are probably not so sure about what boxing is all about. People who want to get involved with the sport of boxing, but don't know the first things about it. Especially men and women or parents who feel that boxing is a violent sport as this is quite the opposite. Boxing training can be used to tone the body, relieve stress as well as relax and calm the nerves. It all depends on your objective and the types of exercises performed. I have gained a lot of experience in boxing as I have been involved in it for well over 15 years. I believe that Boxing is a sport thats promotes natural health for better living. To be fit means a better quality of life !

I want to use this space to give you all as much info on boxing, exercise, health and fitness, boxing techniques, how to motivate yourself to reach your target and much more. But I will need your views to find out what you want to know more about...

I want to freely discuss and get your thoughts of issues on anything to do with the sport of boxing. For example:- Can Boxing be used to prevent Bullying? Women and Boxing, does boxing destroy lives and relationships? Would you have your children take up the sport? Women's Boxing or ladies Boxing, Boxing exercise, Boxing clubs info, upcoming Boxing events and whatever else you want to talk about relating to the sport...

To begin with, the question I want to ask everyone out there is what you think about you think its a violent, blood thirsty aggressive act, not worthy of being called a sport?.... Or, do you think it is a well regulated, disciplined and competitive sport, well worthy of its popularity?.....You tell me....