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Thursday, 4 June 2009


R.V.A.B.C welcomes you and your children to the world of Amateur Boxing. Our boxing classes are specialised and designed for children aged 8 up to 16 as we believe this is the best time to learn.

Boxing has a lot to offer

You WILL see your children develop a multitude of skills including: Basics; stance, jab, back-hand, movement and self-defence. They will learn discipline, better behaviour, temper control and techniques to prevent and even stop Bullying.

Physical & Social Development

Our aim is to provide a worthwhile activity to the youth of the Ribble Valley. Bringing them off the streets and into a safe sporting environment.

Boxing classes will be starting very soon at Roefield Leisure Centre, Clitheroe. Due to Health & Safety laws there are a limited number of spaces available.

For more details or to join
call our Head Coach on – 07977 823 771 - OR - 07794441301


  1. On the 10th May the Grand, Clitheroe will be showing a cutting edge boxing Documentary which follows the lives of three Cuban kids training to be the next generation of boxing world champions.
    Find out more at:

    and showing at the grand

  2. Boxing season starts once again and our boxer is ready to top the bill very soon. If your local to the area of Clitheroe, get yourself down to our club and get training every Sunday from6pm at Roefield Leissure Centre !!!



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